“Bands of Iron”

In a war-ravaged land, Rowan is the last of her kind, in more ways than even she knows. When her true identity is discovered, she falls into the hands of the enemy to be used as a weapon. But as she learns their secrets it becomes a race against time to save not only herself and her people, but the world itself, from falling into madness. Click here to read the latest chapter.

“Cosmic Cryptids”

In the year 2125, a spaceship crashes into Earth. Its sole occupant, Declan Martin, is discovered in a semi-conscious state by Steph Battina, a mythology professor at the University of Texas. Declan wakes up in a hospital with no memory. Pursued by the Underground, a shadowy, quasi-governmental organization, he teams up with Steph to piece together the fragments of his life as he fights to stay one step ahead of Underground and discover why they want him dead. Click here to read the latest chapter.

“The Knowing”

Isabelle Kieralee is jettisoned from Earth for a crime she didn’t commit. She wakes from her cryosleep on Planet Mahtohb, where a rogue group of ex-mercenaries and exiled royals convince her she is the only one who can help them obtain and assemble the Concords of the Knowing – the nine gods of Mahtohb. Her need to survive on this hostile world obliges her to assist them, even though she thinks they are chasing false prophecy. Click here to read the latest chapter.